The recent Google I/O event and demos of Duplex, within that event, early May, started a rage of discussions about “coming of age of Google Assistant” and its implications re: consent, privacy etc. AI is progressing fast-and-how, though still some distance away to replace humans completely, in certain spheres of life.

We have also seen various apps developed over the years, with specific use-cases/ problem-statements, within healthcare. They lie around on both Google Play and Apple App Store, with varied degree of adoption. Many of us use it, more regularly or sporadically, however, over time, the novelty is lost and the usage plateaus and finally wanes away. I have seen this ‘up, close and personal’, both as product guy in Apollo Hospitals subsidiaries, as well as an avid user. There were a few fundamental issues, which many would have read in different forums.

We, at eAutomaton, think that above two, the Google Assistant maturity, in booking appointments, as demonstrated at Google I/O and challenges of adoption of healthcare apps, present an interesting situation. We validated this with few conversations we had with medical practitioners and believe that the advent of personalized, proactive, contextual and real-time assistant in healthcare would be a partial panacea to the problem. And thus comes the birth of IVA (Intelligent Virtual Avatar) for obesity management. We are still working on it, but have a pre-beta of a sub-module ready, being tested in June, in US. Though, far from a full-blown product, but will be a validation of direction being taken. It is cutting edge technology, with deep domain repository, but the good part is, we have a clinical practice, in US, as an early adopter, for validation and feedback.

IVA is taking us to an interesting journey and we are excited about it!

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