One year old and still going strong, our partnership with South Carolina based Accessible Diagnostics isto execute software work of a revolutionary product that they are developingin the healthcare space.

It all startedwhen I reached out to John Warner, a serial entrepreneurand also CEO of Accessible Diagnostics, to discuss our concept of IVA (Intelligent Virtual Avatar), for diabetes management. Two months of discussions and we ended up started work on Vet-Tab, their non-invasive colorimetric technology based platform for detecting glucose using saliva. Thisreplacesthe painful prick of fingers needed to measure blood glucose using glucometers.

It has been an engaging and result-oriented journey, thus far. We have developed Android and iPhone apps that use an OpenCV technique to recognize a color change due to a chemical reaction with saliva.Saliva is collected on a tab, which is placed on a pre-defined template. A smartphone app captures an image of the tab on the template and uses proprietary formulae to determine the glucose value within a body. Today, the systemis being tested on diabetic dogs in aseries of testsconducted in past few months.The product has improved over time to give results equivalent toindustry standard blood glucometers used to measure glucose in animals.

In June 2018, the Accessible Diagnostics team presented the systemat a veterinary conference in South Carolina and got fantastic response from both vets and end-users.  Today, its accuracy and consistency levels are good enough for a commercial launch in September 2018.

This has been encouraging and now the team is ready to go through FDA process with Life-Tab, their non-invasive colorimetric technology based glucose measurement system for humans.

We are proud to be associated with them and exploring ways of merging IVA, our AI technology driven, voice-based virtual assistant, for obesity management, with Life-Tab, so as to provide one of its kind solution, in the market.

Anyone wanting to know how the solution works or be part of it, can write to –

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