In today’s world, consumers are challenged with the fact that they don’t know how many calories are being consumed in real-time, especially, when eating out, without the cumbersome process of typing details of the food they are eating. This is more so, for individuals, who are on a diet and have to keep a tight leash on calories being consumed. Many of these individuals have visited dieticians/ lifestyle experts, who have given a diet-plan, for the person to follow. The temptation of a fine cuisine at a restaurant versus the strict regime of a diet-plan, can be a huge dilemma, especially, if its not known the calories that will go into the body, at the restaurant.

Here comes, “Snap-n-Eat”, an AI powered app that allows consumers to take a picture of a food and it identifies the food being eaten. Once the user, confirms the food being eaten, the macro and micro-nutrients, of food are displayed. Currently this is being positioned as an app and eventually will become part of IVA development and is the 1st prototype of the “Food Calculator” module, out of the 7 modules of IVA, being developed. The next iteration will have the algorithm, trained with additional food items. A ‘voice-based assistant’ will also be part of next iteration, with basic “communication skills”.

Intelligent Virtual Avatar, our voice-based “coach” for obesity management is slowly, but surely, making significant progress. “Snap-n-Eat” is a valuable tool in the hands of consumers, who on-the-go can get the macro and micro-nutrients, they will consume, just by clicking a picture.

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